The intro music in the Dragon Age: Inquisition “тнe нero oғ тнedαѕ” trailer.

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…Wow.  Little Bro is a really shitty person.

"Look, I know you’ve got/might have a terminal condition, but you’re not allowed to get scared about dying because that’ll make me depressed."

Are you for fucking real holy fuck how in the hell can he not realize how much of a shitty thing that is to say.

How does he even have friends if this is the kind of stuff he says to people he talks to.


but if you ever think it’s a bad time to send me headcanons just consider this

  • its not


My Portal Cake


I drew this for the Now & Then Project. You have to take a drawing you did as a kid and redraw it the way you’d do it now. Mine is from when I was 7, and is titled “THE ULTIMATE SOLDIER”. It’s a man carrying EVERY WEAPON EVERY INVENTED (read: every weapon I knew off by heart) while wearing a suit of armour and an army helmet. Also there’s a tiny Bart Simpson in the corner with a boombox.

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